The city with the highest tower in the world and inside it the fastest elevator in the world (65km/h), the most luxurious hotel, the longest underground, the biggest airport, the largest artificial islands and, among many things, the only city in the desert to have an indoor ski slope with “real” snow.

This and much more is simply….Dubai!

Second city after Abu Dhabi, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates. It is located to the south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula.

Dubai07-014-1024x768Among the things not to be missed, I recommend a visit to the Burj Khalifa, the highest tower  (828 metres!!) with 160 floors full of shops, offices, apartments and hotels; a walk in the big mall, where you can find the indoor ski slope; the Burj al Arab, the sail shaped 8 star hotel (even if only 5 are currently recognised) located on an artificial island connected to the Jumeirah Beach by a 280 metre long bridge; a walk  among the Souk stalls along the artificial canals built in the Jumeirah Area and I also suggest you test the experience of the “Wadi Wadi Water Park”, an aquatic park that even if it is not enormous it is very enjoyable with slides that launch you up, instead of down, and one of the highest kamikaze slides in the world, the only defect is that it is quite expensive.

So waiting for new records….have a good journey to Dubai!