In Lampedusa, a small famous Island near Sicily, you can find, according to Tripadvisor and also according to many other authorities, the most beautiful beach in the world, named Spiaggia dei Conigli”! This Italian beach is really in no way inferior to the cooler Australian and Caribbean ones. The blue crystalline sea and the fine white sand make this beach the ideal place for the Caretta Caretta turtles to deposit their eggs during the spring.

Italy has multiple incredible spots to visit and to discover but Lampedusa is definitely one of the most beautiful and virgin. This italian island is famous for being the most southern gate to Europe and one of the main landing places for the migrants. All of those coming from the poorest countries who travel in the Mediterranea Sea hoping to find a better life in Italy.

Let’s go back to the beauty offered by Lampedusa and its beautiful beach that translated in english means “Beach of the Rabbits”. The beach is part of a tiny island located in the south of Lampedusa, home of the royal seagull. This is a natural paradise and here you can find 100 couples of this special bird and a particular kind of lizard, that lives only on the rocks.

Lampedusa is an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, part of the archipelago of the Pelagie, in Sicily. As already said, it is the most Southern gate to Europe and it’s Italy’s great pride!