Moscow is a city full of incredible churches. The Russian Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is among the most important places to visit in Moscow. Definitely one of those you can’t miss if you visit the capital of the Russian Federation. It has a long story rich of happenings that could be compared to an action movie. Born, death e rebirth in a short period of time which made grow the myth of this important church, whose height reach 103 meters. It is definitely considered such as the most important church in Moscow. You can easily see it from many sides of the capital of Russia and it is a masterpiece in the russian culture. Stands by the river Moscova and its gold domes are a sign of its importance.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The russian Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is the tallest ortodox Cathedral in Russia. It has a very long story dating back to 1812 when the Emperor Alexander signed the bill for the construction of this Church that lasted 44 years.

After the October Revolution, the place where the cathedral had been built, was chosen by the soviet authorities for the construction of an impressive monument dedicated to Lenin. In 1931 the Cathedral was destroyed but it was not possibile to build the monument due to a lack of funds and to a flooding caused by the river Moscova.

So the enormous flooded hole was transformed into the largest outdoor pool of the world. In 1994 the pool was demolished and in 1995 started the re-construction of the cathedral which was re-opened to the public during the month of August 2000.

It definitely worth a visit, even though you decide not to enter but to admire it just from the outside. The whole area is really interesting and full of things to see.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour