The Rio Carnival is the festival held every year in Rio de Janeiro considered the biggest carnival in the world. I am sure that if I ask which is the most exciting Carnival in the world, your thoughts will surely go to the one celebrated every year in Rio de Janeiro, the second biggest Brazilian city and undisputed home of the carnival celebrations. The carioca land is celebrating one of its flagship events that, despite the crisis, never betrays expectations. However, this year, it’s expected that the number of Brazilian tourists will reach that of the foreigners, due to the economic crisis that has hit in particular the European continent.

rio carnival 2The celebrations of the Rio Carnival will last 5 days, from February 28th to March 4th, during which there will be more than 700 parades through the streets of Rio. However, before the magnificent and colourful parades organized by the main samba schools, that will be held at the sambodrome, the building opened in 1984 and built by the architect Niemeyer, the festival will begin several days before with the Blocos do Carnaval, spontaneous free parties organized in the various districts of the city, attended by millions of people every year.

On March 8th there will be the final show with the champions of the 12 samba schools that will parade each with their own theme. The winner of last year’s competition was the school of Vila Isabel that beat the competitors with a choreography inspired by agriculture, with more than 3,800 dancers wearing costumes  to celebrate Brazil as the “granary of the world”.

So what are you waiting for to join the tourists already leaving for Rio de Janeiro to enjoy the most exciting celebrations of the world!?


rio carnival