game of thrones


Are you fans of the novels by George R. Martin or of the tv series inspired by them?? Well, in this article you will discover some of the most important locations of Game of Thrones, HBO’s hit American TV show.

The places of the novels and the TV series are of course fictional, it is a fantasy, but the places where the show is set are so beautiful and charming to be considered for a journey, especially if you are fan of the tv series.

doune castel

Most of the shooting of the first three seasons (they are working on the new one) were in Europe, from Ireland to Croatia, via Scotland, Iceland, Malta and Morocco. Many key scenes were filmed in the countryside surrounding Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Castle Black and the Wall were set in an old quarry at Magheramorne in the County of Antrim while Castle Ward, dating back to the thirteenth century, in the County of Down, was the setting of the scenes to recreate Winterfell. Other scenes for Winterfell were shot at the beautiful castle of Doune, near Stirling in Scotland, and at Cairncastle, a quaint Irish village with just 66 inhabitants, while some interiors were built in the studios of Paint Hall in Belfast.


To recreate the locations of King’s Landing, the production moved to Malta. In particular, to recreate King’s landing, was used Fort Ricasoli while the scenes set in its streets were filmed in the city of Medina, the old capital of Malta. Malta was also used to set the events of Daenerys Targaryen. For example: the blue window was used to make the passage of the lands beyond the sea, located in the archipelago of Gozo, and the town of Manikata to set a city destroyed by Khal Drogo.


Another country, another setting. This time it’s Croatia. The walls of Dubrovnik were used to recreate those of King’s Landing and the nearby island of Lokrum was used to recreate the city of Qarth. Other territories in Croatia were used to make the deserts of the lands over the sea and the rocky shores of the capital. In addition, the small fisherman’s village of Novigrad, in Upper Istria, was used for the war scenes between the clans.


Finally, the production moved to a magical place: Iceland, the setting for the lands of the Eternal Winter  and those that see Jon Snow in the perpetually frozen lands. Locations of these scenes were Lake Myvatn, the crater of Hverfell and Vatnajökull National Park, the largest glacier in Europe.

So if you are a  fan of this tv series … you can’t miss exploring the sites of Game of Thrones!?