The Dolby Theatre is the site where every year is held the Oscars Night, the most important night for the cinema. It is located in Los Angeles, which is renowned all over the world for being the capital of entertainment. Here is Hollywood, the most famous district in the world for the cinematic art. While we are waiting to find out which celebrity among Martin Scorsese, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence and many others, will take home the desired golden statuette, let’s discover where the famous Oscars Night traditionally takes place.

Oscars Night: discovering the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles

The Annual Academy Awards, also known as Night of the Oscars, has now been held for years at the former Kodak Theatre, today renamed Dolby Theatre, inside the Hollywood & Highland Shopping mall, along Hollywood Boulevard. This is the place where you can find the famous sidewalk with the stars of the most important people in the entertainment world, located at the feet of the Hollywood Hills in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.oscars dolby theatre

Realized by the architect David Rockwell, the Dolby Theatre, which has a capacity of 3400 seats, was inaugurated on November 9th 2001, and since the following February has hosted the Oscars Night’s ceremony. The theatre was sponsored for many years by the Eastman Kodak company, which had paid $75 million to have its name associated with the building but, after the Kodak bankruptcy in 2012, in the February of that same year the sponsorship ended and the theatre changed its name, adopting the title of Dolby Theatre, thanks to a twenty year deal with the giant of the audio technologies.

You can walk inside for free, arriving till the top of the steps where every year dozens of movie stars walk. It is also possible to visit the interior with guided tours.

dolby theatre

inside former kodak theatre